Anxiety is something you don’t have to struggle with anymore, Synergy Nutrition & Wellness is here to help you handle and correct your issues through a natural method that will give you your life back.

  • Did you know that Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults in the United States age 18 and older, or 18.1% of the population every year?
  • Our patients that have dealt with this illness have seen tremendous results just by identifying the root cause of their illness.
  • Most chronic illnesses are a cause of lifestyle choices, poor diet, and stressors.
  • Stressors are food intolerances, immune system deficiencies, exposure to metal or chemical toxicities, as well as scars.
  • We use completely natural non-invasive methods and whole food supplementation as well as diet and lifestyle changes to support the body’s own amazing ability to heal.
  • Your body’s ability to heal itself is greater than anyone has allowed you to believe!


Anxiety, let’s talk about it.

Maybe not always the favorite topic or most comfortable.

However, I want to start with perhaps a different message than you’ve ever heard about anxiety. And this has more to do with your mindset. It’s not to say that things in our body physically don’t contribute to it or other factors.

But I heard a very profound statement once it never left me, and I like to share this with my patients.

“He who lives in the past is depressed because you will never change anything that’s already happened. So if you find yourself in a state of chronic depression, look at where in the past you are stuck.

He who lives in the future is anxious because anxiety is the opposite of certainty.

You will notice you will never have anxiety about the things that you know the outcomes.

t is the unknown that creates this anxious state.

So you cannot live with tomorrow in mind.

However, he who lives in the present moment has tranquility.

Being here, being right where you are in the present time is one of the simplest and best tools you can have to combat the anxiety in your mind.”

But there are some other facts and statistics that are very true about anxiety.

Do you know that roughly 18% of all adults, upwards, of 40 million Americans, report some anxiety disorder, and that is an average basis costing us about $6500 for anxiety medications per person per year?

These medications equal upwards of $260 billion a year for Americans struggling with anxiety. That is a problem because there’s also a little thing with anxiety that people should know.

There are no clinical diagnostics for anxiety, and it is entirely subjective.

Yes, that medication may create some temporary improvements because it could raise serotonin or dopamine responses in the body. But it is not correcting the problem.

The most significant correction to anxiety is going to come from your gut.

Get your gut fixed.

Get your gut happy.

You will be happy.

The opposite is also true. If your gut is anxious, you are anxious.

So we must start by handling what we classify as mental health, as gut health.

Here at Synergy, our goal is to make sure you know what is causing you to feel the way you do. We do this mainly through a form of muscle testing known as Nutrition Response Testing; this technique allows us to test your body to see what foods, metals, & chemicals, are harming you and your body, as well as what ingredients will supplement your body and help get it back on track with properly functioning organs.

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