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Meet the Team



Owner & Practitioner

Jimmy founded Synergy Nutrition & Wellness in January of 2019 after years of focusing on his health in the form of athletics and aesthetics. After ten years of training others and realizing the damage he was doing to his body he had a wake up call. Jimmy finally realized there was more to health than lean muscle mass. He realized that internal health and healing was the true path.

Jimmy was fortunate enough to study under Dr. Stephen Dubuc to learn a life changing modality called Nutrition Response Testing beginning in 2010. Jimmy became an official graduate of Ulan Nutritional Systems in 2017 and shortly thereafter was inducted into their hall of fame for having such a profound impact on his community. He also was mentored by the late M.D. PhD Dr. Roby Mitchell and is a Master Instructor with Cellcore BioSciences, teaching muscle testing nationally.



Practitioner with Masters in Orthopedic Sports Medicine

Andrew holds a Bachelors Degree in exercise science and a Master Degree in Orthopedic Sports medicine. At a young age he has always been interested in health and fitness and quickly developed a passion for wellness and is happy to be sharing his knowledge and passion with the public. Andrew joined Synergy Nutrition and Wellness in October of 2017 where he has continued his education and training to now include a practitioner of Nutrition Response Testing. Andrew additionally acts as a fitness instructor as a certified stick mobility coach at our fitness studio BeMoved Fitness.



Practitioner and PA

Tara has always had a passion for helping people better their lives. She completed her undergraduate degree in Athletic Training at SUNY Cortland in 2002 and an MS in Exercise Science in 2004. She worked with both the football and lacrosse teams. Her knowledge on nutrition was slim, even after two degrees in fitness.

She completed an MS degree at Daemen College in Physician Assistant studies in 2009, graduating with high hopes of educating people on living a healthy lifestyle, avoiding chronic disease, and minimizing, or even eliminating their medications. Convincing people to choose a healthy lifestyle was no easy task. Unfortunately, most wanted the quick answer, the medicine that would make their symptoms disappear. She was not comfortable with masking symptoms, and wanted to get to the cause.

Dr Maria

Dr. Maria

Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor, PT, CHHP

Maria received her training in Naturopathy through Trinity School of Natural Health and is a ANWPB Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor. She uses Synergistic Response Testing as an assessment modality and is well versed in many other natural healing techniques. 

Maria's passion for health and wellness started as a Physical Therapist. She graduated from Daemen College with a BS in Physical Therapy in 1996. As a licensed PT for 24 years, she has experience in outpatient orthopedic therapy, cardiac rehabilitation, home care and long term rehabilitation. Maria believes that our bodies were designed to thrive and heal. This belief challenges her to determine the underlying causes of ill-health and implement personalized nutritional programs in order to achieve and maintain optimal health in a safe, natural and non-invasive way. 

Dr Joe

Dr. Joe

Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine and Practitioner

Joseph A Riccione DO, “Dr. Joe” comes to Synergy with 13 years of experience and passion caring for children and adults in Western New York.

Board certified in Family Medicine and Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine. He completed his Residency at Sisters of Charity Hospital in North Buffalo. Dr. Joe is a graduate of A.T. Still University which is the founding Osteopathic Medical School in Kirsksville Missouri.

Dr. Joe is excited to get back to foundational medicine and treating the WHOLE PATIENT, mind, body, and spirit, in an effort to find the ROOT CAUSE of issues, so patients can thrive and realize their own body’s God-given ability to heal.

“I want to be that bridge between traditional and holistic medicine, picking aspects from both disciplines that can best help our patients on their personal health journeys. I am ecstatic to offer ethical healthcare that will not be biased by insurance or pharmaceutical companies. This will allow me to help clean up patient’s health and get them off medication safely, rather than chase symptoms and add to their medication lists/interactions.

Special interests/New passion for chronic lyme disease as my son Luca is currently on a journey to get well from this under-diagnosed condition. I truly believe that God has led us down this path with Luca so that we can help him and in the process learn how to help others on similar paths. Also interested in Long-COVID treatment inspired by one of my patient’s struggles and lack of local support for such a diagnosis that is becoming more common.

My wife Melissa and I have 3 boys: Joey, Luca, and Salvatore and recently got into RV camping! There is never a dull moment at the Riccione House and we wouldn’t have it any other way. God and Melissa make up “the glue” that keep our family strong through any adversity!

Happy to join the Synergy Family at our 6622 Main St Ste 7 Williamsville Location!"



Practitioner and Master Iridologist

Elisha is a certified Integrative Health Practitioner and certified Master Iridologist. She joined the Synergy team in July of 2023 and currently uses synergistic response testing to help address root causes. Elisha originally pursued a career in elementary education, working with public schools students for 14 years. When she began experiencing chronic health issues, she began exploring a variety of natural health modalities in search of answers. She has spent over a decade learning ways to support the body’s God given ability to heal, and is now seeking to help empower others to make constructive changes to their health.



Practitioner and Birth Doula

Melissa is a Synergistic Muscle testing practitioner and comes to Synergy with a blend of medical and holistic experience. She has 15years experience as a surgical tech, assisting in surgeries of all kinds. Her passion for learning more about the mind/body connection led her to becoming a massage therapist, yoga instructor, and birth doula. Melissa believes wellness lies within, everything we need exists inside ourselves, and strength and wisdom are innate in all of us. It is her goal and passion to support clients by empowering them with the educational, practical, mental, and emotional support they need to take charge of their own health and wellness journey. 



Practitioner and NP

Catherine is a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner. She became a registered nurse in 2012. While working as an oncology nurse she went back to school to obtain her Master’s degree. She continued to practice oncology after she became certified as a family nurse practitioner through the ANCC in 2018. She has earned an Associates Degree in Applied Science, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing as well as a Master of Science in Nursing. Catherine has practiced western medicine for 11 years. She found Synergy Nutrition and Wellness in her journey to find natural ways to heal her son from food allergies and eosinophilic esophagitis. She believes in treating the underlying cause of illness as opposed to using medication to mask symptoms. Catherine joined Synergy as a practitioner in Spring of 2023.