Are you dealing with erectile dysfunction? Check out this natural system to stop taking prescriptions, jumping from specialist to specialist, and live a fuller life now.

  • Did you know about 5 percent of men that are 40 years old have complete erectile dysfunction, and that number increases to about 15 percent of men at age 70?
  • Most chronic illnesses are a cause of lifestyle choices, poor diet, and stressors.
  • Stressors are food intolerances, immune system deficiencies, exposure to metal or chemical toxicities, as well as scars.
  • We use completely natural non-invasive methods and whole food supplementation as well as diet and lifestyle changes to support the body’s own amazing ability to heal.
  • Your body’s ability to heal itself is greater than anyone has allowed you to believe!

Erectile Dysfunction

This is not the most popular topic we want to discuss openly, but let’s talk a little bit about ED.

I can speak to this both firsthand as a patient of that problem, as well as a practitioner that has provided a resolution to the problem.

In my journey, I was a hefty steroid user in my 20s, & I did things like fitness modeling and bodybuilding and used massive amounts of steroids over the years.

When I stopped these things, cold turkey, one of the unfortunate symptoms that I suffered from was a complete lack of sex drive and an inability to hold or maintain an erection.

I immediately began to do some research to uncover what was causing these changes in my body and how to correct them.

So when I sit down with a patient and I have a conversation with them, it starts with, is it a performance issue? Or is it a desire issue?

This gives me a little bit of data to understand whether it’s cardiovascular, or if it’s desire, it’s hormonal. So this gives me some ideas as to what this patient’s body might be requiring.

But if it’s solely from the standpoint of “you know, Jimmy, I love my wife or my girlfriend, and I want to, but there’s nothing.”

That tells me it’s a performance problem.

It’s a fantastic thing that you can correct by giving some support cardiovascular wise to help ensure that blood flow makes it out to the extremities.

If the conversation starts with, “Jimmy, I have no problem. Sometimes I wake up, and you know, I got one, but other times I’m just uninterested, or I have no desire.”

That tells me more about their hormones.

So now, this opens up a whole slew of potential issues; this could be thyroid, pituitary, testicular, or adrenal problem. There’s not one clear cut decisive answer for it if it’s hormonal because it could be any one of those synergistic organs that represent a deficiency that’s causing this hormonal teeter-totter to where your sex hormones are.

Here at Synergy, our goal is to make sure you know what is causing you to feel the way you do. We do this mainly through a form of muscle testing known as Nutrition Response Testing; this technique allows us to test your body to see what foods, metals, & chemicals, are harming you and your body, as well as what ingredients will supplement your body and help get it back on track with properly functioning organs.

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