Are you dealing with high cholesterol levels? Check out this natural system to stop taking prescriptions, jumping from specialist to specialist, and live a fuller life now.

  • Did you know that nearly 29 million adult Americans have total cholesterol levels higher than 240 mg/dL, & that 7% of U.S. children and adolescents ages 6 to 19 have high total cholesterol?
  • Our patients that have dealt with this illness have seen tremendous results just by identifying the root cause of their illness.
  • Most chronic illnesses are a cause of lifestyle choices, poor diet, and stressors.
  • Stressors are food intolerances, immune system deficiencies, exposure to metal or chemical toxicities, as well as scars.
  • We use completely natural non-invasive methods and whole food supplementation as well as diet and lifestyle changes to support the body’s own amazing ability to heal.
  • Your body’s ability to heal itself is greater than anyone has allowed you to believe!


So I want to teach you a lesson that was taught to me in regards to the whole physiological response to sugar and cholesterol.

So what happens is, is that you eat sugar. And when you eat sugar, enough of it will end up in your bloodstream, and you do require a finite amount of sugar to operate appropriately for your brain and your cells. But it’s a finite number.

It’s only 72 grams.

So if you consume more than 72 grams of sugar, carbohydrate daily, you’re going to cause your pancreas to start secreting insulin.

The purpose of the insulin is to get the sugar out of the blood quickly and ship it over to your liver when then your liver converts sugar to cholesterol.

I will repeat that.

It is sugar, that your body turns into cholesterol.

So is cholesterol the enemy? Or is sugar?

If your cardiologist, if your primary care doctor is not informing you that cholesterol is potentially a problem because you overeat sugar, they are failing you. That is the most simple physiological lesson I can give you about how the body takes sugar and turns it into cholesterol.

There’s a beautiful, ethical MD out there.

His name is Dr. Jack Wolfson.

He wrote a book called “The Paleo Cardiologist,” where he explains as a certified, board-certified cardiologist how to reverse heart disease.

He can back up the undeniable data that is out there that cholesterol is a vital, needed, and required substance by your body, not only for your neurological function, brain function, but hormonal production.

You never want to lower cholesterol unless you’re sitting in some abnormal stratosphere six, seven, eight hundred. The idea that your cholesterol levels are two, three hundred, and those are high, is one of those things that makes me wanna rip my hair out when I hear somebody say that because you are so being lied to, it’s not even funny.

I’m going to teach you why this was something that one of my medical friends taught me. In the 1980s, when Crestor and Lipitor bust onto the scene, their marketing campaign, their slogan, their point of selling doctors and people to start prescribing Crestor and Lipitor was this.

By taking our products, we can reduce your risk of a heart attack by 50%.

Well jeez, the number one killer in the United States is heart disease, so if we can come up with this drug to reduce the deaths by 50%, we’re going to have a money maker here.

Everybody bought in and thought Crestor and Lipitor was the next saving grace, but nobody read the fine print on it.

If you read the fine print, your initial risk factors of a heart attack were 3%. The use of Crestor and Lipitor took your risk factors from 3% to 1.5%.

Were they honest and ethical in telling you they could reduce your risk of a heart attack by 50%?

They were, but your initial risk factors were only 3%? And in turn, we’re putting an entire generation of people on cholesterol meds?

Again, I talked a little bit about a man named Dr. David Perlmutter. Between Dr. Perlmutter’s and Dr. Wolfson’s research and proven facts, as well as the thousands of other people out there beating the same message that I am to you, there’s no reason you’d ever want to lower cholesterol.

If you don’t have enough cholesterol, you have a lack of hormonal function and a lack of brain function.

So the most prominent message of all this does not let somebody sell you on the idea that cholesterol will make you get a heart attack and that it’s going to cause you to have heart disease.

It is your diet; it is your sugar intake that ever makes cholesterol a problem. It is your diet; it is your sugar intake that caused damage to your cardiovascular system.

But you can change that by what’s at the end of your fork the next meal you eat.

Putting a high quantity of Omega-3s in your body will help break down Omega-6s that are inflammatory, so you want to have good fats as probably– I won’t say probably, let me take that back. I retract that.

Your good fats need to be your number one macro-nutrient. It would help if you ate more fat than any other substance on the planet. High fat, moderate protein, and low carbohydrate will keep your cholesterol, cardiovascular system, and brain in check.

Here at Synergy, our goal is to make sure you know what is causing you to feel the way you do. We do this mainly through a form of muscle testing known as Nutrition Response Testing; this technique allows us to test your body to see what foods, metals, & chemicals, are harming you and your body, as well as what ingredients will supplement your body and help get it back on track with properly functioning organs.

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